A downloadable Death Wave


This is Currently a demo, we were told by our advisors to post this game, we have got permission from  Epic Games to post this game as a beta (if we change the scripting which we did. We are also releasing the alpha version soon which is going to be completely different Than this game. Sorry :(  if we caused any inconvenience. We are also taking the game down and putting it back up when it is in alpha, and is changed completely( You will not be able to download this game until the alpha mode comes out)

For more info please visit the following link: https://spark.adobe.com/page/GeY6MgzOIp7dQ/

Robots have declared their independence from humans and consequently take over the human city. The city advances technologically because of the robots. The robots frequently fight each other for control of territory. They do this in a stadium, in different locations. They also have to face unexpected challenges caused by unusual weather patterns as a result of the increased Co2 production. Story modes will come out featuring a robot's journey from a soldier to the leader of the largest territory in the world. There will be sandbox modes for experimental play and different gamemodes. Early Access Beta only includes lines 1-6. The others will be released in later editions to come.

DEATH WAVE full version releases next year

Development log